Members of OneGeorgeFox and Common Ground have lunch together on March 14 before the big night

Over 150 people attended OneGeorgeFox’s coming out event at the Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg, Oregon, three blocks from the George Fox University campus. Many students from the Common Ground group attended, as well as pastors, faculty members and administrators from George Fox. Brad Lau, Vice President of Student Life, Sarah Baldwin, Campus Pastor, and Joel Perez, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, attended the event at the invitation of Common Ground and OneGeorgeFox. We thank them for participating in this important dialogue with us.

At the event, Justin Lee, Executive Director of the Gay Christian Network, opened the night with prayer and shared his story of coming to terms with his sexuality as a deeply committed evangelical Christian. Justin challenged the audience to carefully consider the difficult situation that LGBTQ students of faith find themselves in and warned of the dangers of reparative therapy. Jennifer Knapp, Grammy-nominated Christian music artist, shared her journey of coming out as a lesbian within the evangelical Christian community and the music industry and performed several moving songs about faith and love. Jennifer came as part of her Inside Out Faith tour.

A big thank you to theĀ Metropolitan Community Church of Portland for providing sound equipment and a sound crew, as well as donating $500 to the Common Ground student group. Also, a big thank you to HRC for attending the event and proving people with information on how they can get involved in the community.

Justin Lee speaking to the crowd on March 14


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